What Is Artwork?

Here’s a quick post on artwork and what it’s all about.

Artwork is basically a term that defines any type of design that is used to print. It can be for anything, a shirt, a poster – anything really. It just has to be a design that is used in print. It can be plain text, a sketch or logo or even computer graphic design.

Most times you can send artwork files on the internet, but you have to make sure the printer you are working with accepts that particular type of file. The file formats most printers accept are .TIFF, .PDF, .JPG and others.

By sending a digital copy of your file your printer can put it into their system and adjust it if necessary. Make sure the files are not too big because it may take unbearably long to load up the file.

Also you have to make sure you follow the file specifications of the printers. Color mode, dpi and other parameters should match what your printer requires so that your product turns out how you want.

Hope this helps!

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