Welcome to the Custom T-Shirt Printing Blog

This is a place where you can learn all about custom t-shirt design and printing. Find ideas, articles, videos, and posts about the best promotional products.

Custom T-Shirt printing is all about designing something that is appealing to many different people, especially if they are being used for promotional products. Because promotional products are usually given away to generate good will, you want them to be accessible and something that people could see themselves wearing.

Some people do not wear promotional products because they look tacky. This can certainly be the case with company promotional custom t-shirts. If all you have is a logo and company name on your custom designed shirt, it may be something certain people would never wear.

That’s why it’s important to make sure your custom t-shirt printing design is something eye-catching and trendy. Integrate your logo and company name into some sort of design that is suitable for clothing. Don’t ever think people will automatically want your product, even if it is free. It is important to always make sure the promotional product and custom-t-shirts are well designed.

You could always hire a graphic designer to do this for you, but make sure they know that the design will be going on a t-shirt, and not on a website or something else like that. If you know anyone that has any experience with fashion design or apparel manufacturing, utilize them fully. They can be a wealth of knowledge and information and can take a drab design and turn it into something spectacular.

It’s all about design and making something appealing to the average person. You want your t-shirts to be proudly displayed on the chests of your potential and existing customers. The type of advertising and promotion this generates is really amazing and can work wonders for your business. Make sure you go about this endevour in the correct way and it could be worth it’s weight in gold.

Check out the blog for regular posts about custom t-shirt printing.

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